Thank you 26/11???

28 12 2008

With all the due respect to all those who lost their life in the terrorist attack on Mumbai, I tried to analyse if there was any positive impact on society.  We are shattered, wounded, living in fear but was there any postive change because of this attack?

I salute brave NSG commandos, hotel staff and every citizen/ foreign national who helped the nation during this time.

I was wondering at the patriotic fervour that is evident after every terror attack on the country but vanishes in few weeks.  “Vande Mataram” —-“Jai Bharat Mata” —-“India is one” —- all these phrases looks meaningful to the entire country for only few weeks after every terror strike.

BUT it seems like this time around, there has been a bigger imapct. I could see anger on every Indian’s face which should have been there before.  I could feel the “need to do something” attitude in more people than usual. Peace marches, candle light vigils and human chains post 26/11 are more meaningful and particpation is tremendous.  This time around, politicians have been blamed as usual but formation of parallel groups, forums and discussions around better participation from citizens has been visible. 

Looks like FINALLY we are looking more towards our duties than our right, we are exploring ways by which each citizen can help build a better india.  Finally there has been active participation from the youth.  Finally we have people talking more about nationalism than religion or regionalism.

I hope this observation is not just an illusion this time. I hope the “Vande Mataram” —-“Jai Bharat Mata”  are no longer seasonal for all of us. I hope we will get out of our dinning room discussions and do something for the country. I hope… We can help bring about a change this time.

I am sure we will not let the anger and emotions die this time.

Visa Required for Maharashtra

19 10 2008

Read the News line below:

Hindutan Times – Sun, 19th Oct, 2008

MNS activists attack railway examination centres

Activists of Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) on Sunday attacked centres conducting railway recruitment examination in suburban Mumbai to protest against the “inadequate representation” to locals and chased away candidates from north India.

**** Well “chased away” is not the right word here.  They were beaten up badly.***



I know that answer to all the above questions from any SENSIBLE Indian will come as a “NO”.  I am deeply hurt and pained when I dream of  India as a superpower and still witness an attitude wherein we let ideology like this survive in the country. We still elect politicians who believe in divide and rule.

We have forgotten that it took the efforts of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to integrate the erstwhile 600 princely states into one dominion, India – which we all should be proud of.

How can we allow these politicians to be successful in their politics of hate? Probably its time, we all switch off our TV sets and rise above the drawing room discussion and do something about this.  Can we atleast think before we vote next time? or I should say – CAN WE VOTE NEXT TIME?

It is difficult to be a revolutionary and try to change the system, but can you atleast, as a sensible Indian, resolve that you will exercise your democratic duties? Can you at least resolve and write “INDIAN” on every forms that requires your religion. Can your anger and protest be atleast more visible next time? Can you atleast support somebody who tries to change the system next time?

Let’s make this country a better place to live.

Are three Service chiefs a security threat???

22 11 2007

Well, Here’s the headline :- “Vadra is not frisked but top generals are”

Now read this : The ministry of civil aviation of Bureau of Civil Aviation Security have stated that “according exemption to Service chiefs will lead to similar demands from some other authorities”

The three service chiefs, who command the men in uniform, who are prepared to lay down their lives to protect the country’s integrity will be firsked at Indian airports. Are they a security threat??? Is that a joke?

The service chiefs rise to their positings after serving the country for almost 40 years. On their commissioning, they take an oath (which usually our ministers are not serious about) to protect the country’s integrity, ensure the welfare of their troops, and only then consider their own welfare. And this is what we give them in return – disrespect, suspicion.

But why the hell should Robert Vadra be on the non-frisk list ? Only because he is married into the Gandhi family? For being Sonia Gandhi’s Son in Law? What a shame !!! This country is not a private property of one family. Our politicians are trying to make us believe that they have a better sense of integrity than our service chiefs.

Let’s not allow fools to rule over this wondeful country. Let’s do something about it. Its time we patriots should raise our voice and get together for a cause.


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