Thank you 26/11???

28 12 2008

With all the due respect to all those who lost their life in the terrorist attack on Mumbai, I tried to analyse if there was any positive impact on society.  We are shattered, wounded, living in fear but was there any postive change because of this attack?

I salute brave NSG commandos, hotel staff and every citizen/ foreign national who helped the nation during this time.

I was wondering at the patriotic fervour that is evident after every terror attack on the country but vanishes in few weeks.  “Vande Mataram” —-“Jai Bharat Mata” —-“India is one” —- all these phrases looks meaningful to the entire country for only few weeks after every terror strike.

BUT it seems like this time around, there has been a bigger imapct. I could see anger on every Indian’s face which should have been there before.  I could feel the “need to do something” attitude in more people than usual. Peace marches, candle light vigils and human chains post 26/11 are more meaningful and particpation is tremendous.  This time around, politicians have been blamed as usual but formation of parallel groups, forums and discussions around better participation from citizens has been visible. 

Looks like FINALLY we are looking more towards our duties than our right, we are exploring ways by which each citizen can help build a better india.  Finally there has been active participation from the youth.  Finally we have people talking more about nationalism than religion or regionalism.

I hope this observation is not just an illusion this time. I hope the “Vande Mataram” —-“Jai Bharat Mata”  are no longer seasonal for all of us. I hope we will get out of our dinning room discussions and do something for the country. I hope… We can help bring about a change this time.

I am sure we will not let the anger and emotions die this time.

If you love india… Say it Aloud

17 08 2007

If you Love India… Say it aloud

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India is 60yrs young and poised for growth. We can notice a remarkable change, from music to fashion, from cinema to art – the vibrant energy is there for all to feel. But today, I feel sorry to see lack of patriotism among Indians. 

I would like to throw open this forum and request all patriots to come together and flaunt their patriotism and discuss issues relating to development of our country.  A lot still needs to be done.  An active involvement is required from all responsible citizens to ensure a positive change in the society. 

We have been blaming our politicians alone for everything that has gone bad to this country. Lets get to the root cause of it, how many of the educated people go out and vote? How many of the so-called eduacated citizens think of getting into the system and try to clean it? It may take another 20 yrs, but who is willing to give it a try? It is time we join hands and work for the betterment of the country.  I am proud to be Indian because of our rich heritage and culture. Lets not allow these politicians to ruin everything.  I repeat ….. “An active involvement is required from all responsible citizens to ensure a positive change in the society. ”

Why do we we feel ashamed while calling ourselves Indians? Why do we feel that India is good for nothing? What stops us from saying  “I am a proud Indian”. is an attempt to bring together Indians who are proud of their mother land and want to bring a positive change to Indian Society.  We hereby announce our first project “If you love India… Say it aloud.” wherein we want everyone who is proud to be an Indian flaunt his/her patriotism. Lets discuss/debate on the issues affecting our motherland and do something about them.


P.S. : Get e-mail id and flaunt your feeling of patriotism every time you send a mail to anybody.  Email id’s are available on request.  Please contact for the same.