Are three Service chiefs a security threat???

22 11 2007

Well, Here’s the headline :- “Vadra is not frisked but top generals are”

Now read this : The ministry of civil aviation of Bureau of Civil Aviation Security have stated that “according exemption to Service chiefs will lead to similar demands from some other authorities”

The three service chiefs, who command the men in uniform, who are prepared to lay down their lives to protect the country’s integrity will be firsked at Indian airports. Are they a security threat??? Is that a joke?

The service chiefs rise to their positings after serving the country for almost 40 years. On their commissioning, they take an oath (which usually our ministers are not serious about) to protect the country’s integrity, ensure the welfare of their troops, and only then consider their own welfare. And this is what we give them in return – disrespect, suspicion.

But why the hell should Robert Vadra be on the non-frisk list ? Only because he is married into the Gandhi family? For being Sonia Gandhi’s Son in Law? What a shame !!! This country is not a private property of one family. Our politicians are trying to make us believe that they have a better sense of integrity than our service chiefs.

Let’s not allow fools to rule over this wondeful country. Let’s do something about it. Its time we patriots should raise our voice and get together for a cause.


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One response

22 11 2007

A lot of insensible things happen in our country bcoz of the incompetant people who are designated to decide for the entire nation. Most of these people are only motivated towards their own greedy personal goals and they can do anything to achieve them. These people can go to any extent to achieve their means. The very mention of security checking of the three Service Cheifs shows that these people have no respect for the very people who spend their entire lives trying to safeguard the entire nation from our enemies. They are the very persons who ensure that there is no security threat to our nation and searching them for security purpose only means that we do not recognize the service they have done towards our nation. Keeping their status at par with the politians even more insulting to these men of honour.
If our politians had even a small fraction of commitment which our true men of honour have then definately we could have been much ahead by now.
On the other hand not checking Robert Vadra for security purpose only shows that our politians are only interested in their own goals and that is to please one family in order to get political mealage and in turn get into power only to rob our nation of its valuable resources. They dont care abt where our nation goes on its journey towards properity.
I think something should definately be done to stop such kind of non-sense which happens in our country. Do suggest what can should be done in this regard.

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